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20388Re: Motorsailing?

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  • Peter
    Jan 1, 2010
      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, Andres Espino <ima_very_cool_cowboy@...> wrote:
      > Regarding exhaust.. it is worth mentioning that many fresh water bodies of water prohibit 2 cycle engines OR the venting of exhaust into the water.  Instead must be outboards with air exhaust and suitable muffler.
      > Andrew

      I am aware that in the USA there are a few lakes that prohibit
      2-cycle engines; Lake Tahoe and some city reservoirs come to mind.
      I don't believe that such restrictions are wide-spread at this point
      in time.

      I am not aware of any waters in the USA that prohibit underwater exhaust, although I will not say that there are none.

      Minimizing polution should be a goal of all of us who utilize the waters of our planet, without doubt, but I am loath to fault the individual with a tiny auxiliary engine on his sailboat as he/she glides across waters frequented by high speed fiberglass production boats propelled by massive V6 outboard motors or marinized "big-block" automotive engines.

      P. Beckford
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