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20158Re: [Michalak] Re: Musicbox hybrid questions -- Caution!

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  • John Huft
    Dec 3, 2009
      My dad used to have a paint store in the late 60's and 70's. He reminisces about how good that old lead paint was. Too bad it causes retardation.
      John Boy

      From: Doug Pollard <dougpol1@...>
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      Sent: Thu, December 3, 2009 5:08:09 PM
      Subject: Re: [Michalak] Re: Musicbox hybrid questions -- Caution!

      Eugen Ruark that owned Ruarks marina in Deltavill Va. Had a marina skiff
      that was built out of plywood probably 30 years. Everybody used her to
      clean the sides of their boats and the kids used her for a soft crabing
      skiff. They kept copper paint on her bottom and she was pink. Whatever
      white paint they could scrape out of the mostly empty paint cans was
      mixed with a little copper paint and used to paint her. In the winter
      she set with rainwater in her and often sunk and usually had ice in her
      all winter. She was drug up and off again on the oyster shore. She was
      soaked through with saltwater and likely had 30 coats of paint on her
      bottom and top. I helped drag her out of the water one time and she must
      have weighed a 1/2 a ton.
      If you'll remember white paint in those days was made mostly of white
      lead and linseed oil. Between it and copper, rotting was not and option.
      The plywood looked like it might have had resorsinal glue in it. The
      glue looked like it. We used to call it Navy plywood. I don't think that
      was the correct name.

      John Huft wrote:
      > Hey Josh,
      > You're right about the bow. The drawings on Duckworks are too low
      > resolution to be able to tell. I figured it out after finding a
      > sailing report on Duckworks Magazine. At first I was thinking it was a
      > walk through cabin, now I'm kind of disapointed. I like the higher
      > sides but the lower transom, keeps the behind dry and you can climb in
      > the back. I kind of like the looks of it, it grows on you. Josh, do
      > you have any pics or a website?
      > Thanks,
      > John Boy
      > ________________________________
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      > Sent: Thu, December 3, 2009 1:52:12 PM
      > Subject: [Michalak] Re: Musicbox hybrid questions -- Caution!
      > Hi John,
      > I'm not sure if you've already heard this (I read most of this
      > string), but I believe no MB design has a walk-through bow. Maybe you
      > know this and I simply mis-read your "design wants" post. I think you
      > said too that you also wanted little freeboard, but I picked the
      > design in part because it has tons. I'm finishing my MB2, and am a big
      > fan of the design and Michalak. I recommend the design if you decide
      > that its features suit you (see caveat below). The build has gone well
      > (you and I have some demographics in common and I could relate to you
      > when you talked about thinking about building a boat for a long time.
      > Jump in, have fun with the actual building, and good luck.
      > One caveat: My boat is still not in the water!
      > Josh in California
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