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20153Re: Musicbox hybrid questions -- Caution!

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  • sierraclb1728
    Dec 3 11:52 AM
      Hi John,
      I'm not sure if you've already heard this (I read most of this string), but I believe no MB design has a walk-through bow. Maybe you know this and I simply mis-read your "design wants" post. I think you said too that you also wanted little freeboard, but I picked the design in part because it has tons. I'm finishing my MB2, and am a big fan of the design and Michalak. I recommend the design if you decide that its features suit you (see caveat below). The build has gone well (you and I have some demographics in common and I could relate to you when you talked about thinking about building a boat for a long time. Jump in, have fun with the actual building, and good luck.
      One caveat: My boat is still not in the water!
      Josh in California
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