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20138Re: [Michalak] Re: Musicbox hybrid questions

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  • John Huft
    Dec 1, 2009
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      Thanks Gary,
      I've been leaning towards a flat bottom more for the simplicity sake. I want to build the boat over the summer and not stretch it out over a years time. Of course the epoxy should dry/bake in the summer sun fairly quickly but I'll still need to figure in drying time. I've been trying to find someone who's sailed the Mbox so they can give me a sailing report. I think my next step will be to get a set of both the Blob's and Mbox's plans, do some take-offs and ciphering, and build some models.
      John Boy

      From: gary <gbship@...>
      To: Michalak@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Mon, November 30, 2009 9:44:18 PM
      Subject: [Michalak] Re: Musicbox hybrid questions

      I used to sail my old Bolger/Payson Zephyr design on St. Joe Bay and at Alligator Harbor, a bit to the east. The narrow, flat bottom would do some pounding on the typical summer afternoon chop at both places; not bad, but noticeable. The tack and tape, five panel hull on my Frolic2 does much better, even though I think the bottom panel is actually wider and the overall waterline probably shorter than the Zephyr. I'd expect the same different between the Blobster and Musicbox hulls, although both are quite a bit wider than the Folic2. (The best riding small boat I ever had was a v-bottom catboat by Bolger, but it didn't have a cabin . . .)

      There's not that much difference in setup time or difficulty between a gaff and balanced lug (which I prefer) at this size, especially when you get used to the routine. If you want a balanced lug on a Musicbox hull, ask Jim when you order the plans and he can probably give you a pretty good estimate of where the mast should be relocated to accommodate that.


      --- In Michalak@yahoogroup s.com, John Huft <t1ro2003@.. .> wrote:
      > Well you guys got me on the penny wise, pound foolish thing. Point taken.
      > Here's why I'm looking at the Musicbox:
      > I want a boat around 16 ft for storage and trailer reasonsI live 25 miles inland on high ground, 52 ft elevation :-) with pristine gunk holing all within a couple of hours drive, so I'm interested in water ballast
      > I'll be sailing on the Fl Gulf Coast around St Joesph's Bay so I need shallow draftMy wife's has shoulder problems and after a couple surgeries she just can't pull herself so I need low freeboard/walk through bow (last scallop season I had to pick her up and put her in the boat)
      > I'm interested in keeping it simple so the cat rig would be good, I had throught about the lugger because seems simpler than a gaff
      > I want camping accommodations for two adults and a couple of kids plus it rains here a lot so I want a larger cabin so the Blobster's outI know the MB is flat bottomed and when it gets choppy in my home waters the wave length is around 20 feet so I expect it to pound but at 3 or 4 mph I don't think it'll pound as much as my power skiff
      > Well that sums up why I want to bash the MB2, MB3, and Blobster.
      > John Boy

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