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19744Re: Observations re: Underlayment plywood from China

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  • scsbmsjoe
    Sep 7, 2009
      If you are out of range of major plywook suppliers, I suggest you check with your local independent lumberyard. They may have periodic shipments from suppliers and by combining with their other orders your shipping costs could be reduced. It's worth a try. Let us know if it works. I ordered some marine fir from a local yard and the yard crew treated it very carefully, like it was something precious. Sorry, I can't recall the cost.

      Joe T

      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "adventures_in_astrophotography" <jon@...> wrote:
      > Hi Chris,
      > > I checked out Mertens' website for meranti. I "dummy ordered" four
      > > sheets of Meranti Marine BS6566 (6mm, 1/4"), for $148.00, and the
      > > shipping added $199.00. so $37 for a sheet, plus $50 per sheet for
      > > shipping. That's just not affordable.
      > It's possible that the shipping price wouldn't change for a larger order, up to a point. There's usually a certain amount charged for crating and a minimum that the shipper requires to transport even a couple of sheets. That's where pooling an order with someone else can be useful. I doubt it would be $50/sheet for shipping if you order 10 or 20 sheets, for instance.
      > Jon Kolb
      > www.kolbsadventures.com/boatbuilding_index.htm
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