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  • recree8
    Sep 3, 2009
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      For those not familiar with MDO - the spec sheets for the various kinds
      are at this site:


      The Crezon /Two Step is about the best "bang for the buck" whereas the
      Signal is the premium quality brand and lighter in weight. Both are far
      superior to marine grade fir plywood.

      The big advantage with this is that the suface has been Heat and
      pressure sealed with a resin overlay that totally prevents checking and
      is ready to paint and engineered to use polyurethane-acrylic paints and
      caulking used for exterior house finishing. No epoxy/fiberglass
      finishing is required except below the waterline for better
      waterproofing or if finicky, to prevent abrasion wear on the deck

      Disadvantage is it cannot be finished bright, but I would suggest this
      applies to most plywood.

      The topsides on my boat have been primed with epoxy coating before the
      paint but that is sort of a belt and suspenders option.

      But - and this is a big BUT - there is now imitation MDO arriving from
      off-shore I have heard and all bets are off with that. My supplier told
      me that if it doesn't have "Made in USA" or "Made in Canada "stamped on
      the edges of each sheet it is not the real stuff.

      My guys have also suggested there is some pretty good "Baltic Birch"
      coming in from Europe that is made to high standards. Now birch veneers
      are supposed to be rot prone, but if properly protected will last a long
      time. There is a boat builder in Poland who uses it and has great
      success, and many kayaks are made with it over there.


      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "recree8" <arvent@...> wrote:
      > Chris,
      > On two occasions I "piggy-backed" an order of thinner MDO on a bulk
      order of construction weight stuff at my supplier and was not charged
      any freight.
      > Heavier MDO is used for concrete forms, and some is used in other
      areas of home construction. I wanted 3/8" crezone and they only had 5/8"
      in stock.I ordered 10 sheets and had to wait. The next day I got a call
      it was on its way and was nicely wrapped and strapped with two sheets of
      luan on the outside for protection. They threw it in too:-)
      > Obviously this would not happen with marine grade as it is not used in
      home construction but it is always worth a try to tell the retailer what
      you want it for and see if they can help you.
      > I do know that Olympic panel products are used to doing this as their
      sales rep told me about it!
      > http://www.olypanel.com/concreteForm/faq.php
      > Not sure if that helps you though. What are you building?
      > Nels
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