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19709Re: [Michalak] Re: Observations re: Underlayment plywood from China

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  • Carl Haddick
    Sep 3, 2009
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      There is ultraply info at http://www.morelandcompany.com/ultraply.htm (I
      have no connection with that company).

      The good news from that site is 'high solid marine grade phenolic glue
      line - will not delaminate.'

      There are also claims for things like 'clear face with no defects.'

      The bad news, as I see it, is '3 ply uni-directional core,' which I
      think means the grain all lays the same way. Another claim, seeming to
      reinforce that to me, 'score and snaps with a knife for easy

      Of course, a plank will also have all its grain running the same way,

      As a rank beginner any opinion I have is easily suspect! :-)


      On Thu, Sep 03, 2009 at 12:17:11PM -0000, aub77 wrote:
      > I once ordered meranti from Jacques Merten's site at http://plywood.boatbuildercentral.com/ and the shipping was not too bad. It depends on how many sheets you need as to whether it is worth it. The meranti was some wonderful stuff to work with and was nearly flawless. I think I ordered about 6 sheets and the shipping was about 80-100 dollars (a few years back). He charges a flat rate for orders under 13 sheets and quotes a rate for more sheets than that. I don't know what the current rates are but you can act like you are going to order and then cancel out before the final confirmation. Combining orders with someone makes the shipping costs really good (which is what I did).
      > --Wayne
      > --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, Chris Crandall <crandall@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > My $0.02--I have had grave trouble getting top quality plywood for
      > > boating projects. For a largish displacement powerboat I am building,
      > > getting in half-inch MDO served perfectly well for the hull and bottom.
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