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19705Re: Observations re: Underlayment plywood from China

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  • Chris Crandall
    Sep 2, 2009
      My $0.02--I have had grave trouble getting top quality plywood for
      boating projects. For a largish displacement powerboat I am building,
      getting in half-inch MDO served perfectly well for the hull and bottom.

      But, for the cabinsides, I wanted some quality plywood that is lighter

      I can order up plywood sheets of any type or quality, but the delivery
      fees here in Lawrence, KS, make them laughably expensive. A couple of
      sheets of quarter-inch plywood end up costing in the neighborhood of
      $200 a sheet.

      It turns out that I can build the cabin sides out of first quality
      Honduran mahogany for less than meranti (Phillipine "mahogany") plywood.
      There is simply no way that I can find to make shipping costs affordable.

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