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19568Blobster Sea Trials - New Photos

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  • miles_bore
    Aug 1, 2009
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      Not the official launch/splash - just seatrials. (See 3 new photos)
      A friend and I took Bob (working name for my Blobster) down to the lake (Lake Macquarie NSW, Australia) a few days ago to see if she floated rightway up. She did! Slid off the traler with no problems and floated level and just right. I fired up the Mercury 6ph 2 stroke and off we went. Quite a thrill, not that we can go faster than hull speed but that's fine with me. Had a tiny leak from the bolt hole for the leeboard through the hull on the starboard side. Nothing major and easily fixed. She was a little bow-up/stern down, but at that point I had not flooded the tank for the water balast. When we did she had a more level ride. Amazingly stable. We beached here and walked straight out the open bow well on to dry land. The lake was very calm but we did pass one power boat and I headed for the one foot wake to see how Bob would handle it. No worries at all - just up and over but mainly through with no fuss.
      The sail is on its way from Duckworks and I'll now have to get stuck into building the mast and spars. There will be a slight pause as we are moving to a new house in a few weeks time but once that's done we will see how Bob the Blobster performs under sail. Should be just great given how she has gone with her seatrials.