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19406Re: 2009 Texas 200 Stories and Photos

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  • graeme19121984
    Jul 2, 2009
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      Nice going John! I think perhaps Nels is referring to Bolger's outboard powered Skimmer, and how the shoes on the bottom have sufficient area to support it on the plane.

      I think what you're doing is an old racing trick - get into shallow water, if draft is not limiting, for more speed. "Ground effect" is pretty apt. IIRC wave speed is related to depth and temperature. As depth decreases waves slow, so the boat more easily breaks through its "boat speed" barrier wave then to jump onto the plane.

      "Elephant ears" don't stall out at slow speeds and high angles of attack like higher aspect foils do, but that's hardly a problem you seem to have :-) Their wider chord does allow better tracking balance = easier helming.

      The wake sounds like what Bolger describes for some of the long really shallow power boats, like his Sneakeasy, that also only have rocker towards the bow then a dead flat run to the stern. He said something like the water was pushed down and not out to the side, hence little wake, that they're already in planing attitude at standstill. I don't know why you got such a level ride though... if you had your immersed leeside board with flat against the hull, then maybe you get a counter heeling force from it, but then that's supposed to be the wrong way around and you'd have lots of leeway... maybe you have the balance of sail and weight just right?

      Very interesting how you say the boat went so cleanly through (over?)waves. I really look forward to seeing what else you can wring out of this boat when you have it fully sorted!


      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "jhargrovewright2" <jhargrovewright2@...> wrote:

      > I would like to know what Bolger was saying about what I am calling ground effect and what kind of boat he was talking about with runners and whatever. Where could I get that information or could you just summarize. I have found nothing that addresses, in any way, what I am doing.
      > johninbastrop
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