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19118Re: Balanced Lug Sail Question

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  • Phillip Lea
    Apr 9, 2009

      Mast and yard are smooth varnished round pine. I think it may have been the type of dacron halyard that I was using. And the boom is heavy. Near the top with the weight of yard, sail and boom, too much friction. (And oh by the way, mine happens to be a standing lug, but of course is the same at the masthead). But the parrel beads work great in all conditions so far.


      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "gbship" <gbship@...> wrote:
      > Phil:
      > Is your mast round or square? When I used the "big bead parrel" on the Frolic2's old, square wooden mast, it worked pretty well, but did have a lot of friction a couple times. It worked perfectly when I switched to a skinnier, round carbon fiber mast. I've only used the halyard around the mast method with the carbon mast, but my friend Olivier hasn't had any problems that I know using that on his square mast.
      > Gary
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      > > I used the "halyard to a block on the yard, then around the mast, and finally ending at the lower end of the yard." But found it got too tight and too much friction by the time it neared the mast head--required way too excessive force to get it block-to-block. Did not like that at all. Abandoned that in favor of a 1/4" line with a dozen or so wooden beads from Hobby Lobby looped around mast and halyard which lets the yard rise to the mast head block like butter.
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      > > Phil Lea
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