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19109Re: Balanced Lug Sail Question

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  • Norm Wolfe
    Apr 7, 2009
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      Concerning the yard tendency to hang vertical when being raised and lowered: On both NormsBoat and RAIDER, I made the yard heavier on the fore end than the aft end. On NormsBoat, I made the wooden yard hollow for the aft 60% and solid for the forward 40%. It raises and lowers conveniently. It is not perfectly level, but is not a spear, either. On RAIDER, which has an aluminum yard, I made both ends from wood, to have a large hole at each end. The forward piece of wood is about 14" long; the aft one only about 4". Both are epoxied into the aluminum tube. Same result: the yard raises and lowers somewhat horizontal.

      I use a parrel on the yard, and am going to try Jim's method this summer. For the down haul, I tie it to the boom just in front of the mast, lead it down half way around the mast to a turning point, back up to the boom but just aft of the mast, over the boom (no block needed) and down to the cleat. I lean on the boom while tightening, and it serves to keep the boom next to the mast as well as tightening the leading edge.

      Great rig.

      (Quoted from Gary's message)
      > The second problem is as the sail is raised or lowered, the aft end >of the yard hangs down from the mast and can flail around like a >demented club.
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