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19108Re: Balanced Lug Sail Question

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  • gbship
    Apr 7, 2009
      There are two problems with the yard hoisting and lowering. One is that if it isn't held close to the mast, with a parrel or with the method Storer specifies for the Goat Island Skiff, the yard can kite off the mast spectacularly. On the water, this can flip you faster than anything.

      The second problem is as the sail is raised or lowered, the aft end of the yard hangs down from the mast and can flail around like a demented club. On a small sail, hauling down on the luff as the sail is lowered is the easiest way to control things. That gets a bit trickier as the sail gets larger. The Storer method of rigging the halyard from the masthead through a block and then around the mast to the front of the yard, seems to mostly cure the flailing problem on the GIS. I tried it on my Frolic2 and it didn't work quite as well, but better than nothing. Haven't figured our why the difference as the two sails are nearly identical is size, although GIS is higher peaked.

      Bolger has devised two methods for dealing with this on larger balanced lugs. One is to attach a line about one-third of the way forward from the aft end of the yard and then run that through a block or dumbsheave at the masthead and down to the deck. It functions sort of like a peak halyard on a gaff rig, except the only function is to control the yard as it goes up and down. The second is to run a line from the front of the yard through a block on the foredeck. Taking in this line as the halyard is eased -- and vice versa as the sail is raised -- also controls the yard. I'm not sure what size of balanced lug justifies the extra rigging. I haven't bothered with the 114 square foot Frolic 2 sail, but it's getting close to the size where the extra control would be appreciated.


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      > As our Mikesboat nears completion, I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions regarding handling the balanced lug main. I'm especially concerned about the yard flailing around as the sail is hoisted and lowered. We are planning to use the halyard system as shown on Michael Storer's website that brings the halyard to a block on the yard, then around the mast, and finally ending at the lower end of the yard. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. I've sailed larger sloops for 40 years, but this rig is a new venture. Dave
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