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18598Re: Adding a Jib

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  • Mike
    Dec 3, 2008
      OK, here is my two farthings' worth on the topic. Before building my
      Vector, I owned a Lippincott Lightning some years back, with a classic
      Bermuda sloop rig. Yes, I could point higher to windward with the main
      and jib, but I'm not convinced that the extra five degrees or so that
      it gave me were worth all the extra complexity and work.

      When I brought the Vector to Rend Lake, I had no problems getting to
      any point on the lake I wanted. So my take on it is: If you need to
      round the buoy in a race before the other guy, then a main and jib are
      better. But it's a lot of extra work on each tack and jibe compared to
      a single mainsail. I used to be proponent of the more complex rig, but
      no more. I have a LOT more fun with just a mainsail to fuss with!
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