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18232Re: Robbsboat observations and issues?

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  • Nels
    Sep 5, 2008
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      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "Alan" <logicaid@...> wrote:
      > Hi Nels,
      > More info-open this can-of-worms at your own risk!
      > RB mast rakes back, I measure it at 8" back where the yard crosses,
      > relative to the deck-entry position. So placing it vertical instead
      > will move the sail by that amount. JM has mentioned changing mast-
      > rake to setup balance in several of his commentaries on various
      > boats. The attachment-point of the halyard to the yard can also be
      > varied of course.
      > RB rudder has 2sqft immersed area, Paradox looks to be more like
      > 3.2 or so, =at least 50% more, so this will shift CLR back...but
      > RB is longer, so its rudder will be more effective probably.
      > RB does not have an immersed forefoot like Paradox...
      > One thing leads to another, leads to another.
      > Hope this helps, or does it make it worse?!
      > Cheers,
      > Alan.
      > BTW, thought I remember you were thinking of building 'Caroline'?

      Maybe just built to plan right?

      I am really curious regarding Matt's chine runners concept, and think
      the larger rudder area plays into it. One can probably cut it down if
      the experiment doesn't work, saw off the runners and add the leeboard.
      At which point you find out what you did wrong and wished you'd left

      Also very intrigued with the roller furling sail rig.

      Also my present location favors a light shallow boat, with some shelter
      in the fall when it gets cooler and the sand bars appear.

      Yes I was considering Caroline as well as a couple others like Eisbox
      and Jukebox3 both with small doghouses.

      Have never built anything stitch and glue so also have Tween plans along
      with the wood to maybe start off with it. It has a lateen rig which also
      interests me, and would make a good dink for a larger boat.


      There are others too...


      (cursor down to Batto)



      Actually Jim made a typo in the catalogue for the name - it should have
      been LFH17:-)


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