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17742Re: AF3 motor refit - beefing up the transom?

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  • Frank San Miguel
    Jun 2, 2008
      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, Rob Rohde-Szudy <robrohdeszudy@...>
      > I'd stick with the seagull, myself. They have a 4:1 reduction gear,
      which is twice the ratio you'll find on any other "high thrust"
      outboard. This means a bigger prop and a LOT more thrust at the speeds
      relevant to a sailboat. With tides, I'd want that thrust. Consider
      hanging onto it. (Otherwise let us know when you post it to Ebay!)
      Don't let its age worry you. With some maintenance they can last a
      very, very long time.

      This particular seagull has been in my family since the mid 1960's so
      it has some emotional value, and I do like the low gear ratio.
      However, I'd also like something that has a clutch and is cleaner and
      quieter. If I sell it, I post a note to the forum.

      > As for the transom, I'd go with what Max did. It worked well. Though
      if you're going to use a metal bracket you could probably just add
      framing lumber where it bolts on and skip the plywood. Just make sure
      there's MORE framing lumber in front of it, screwed to the sides or
      wales to transfer the force to the hull more broadly. Just remember
      that the strongest parts are the chines and wales, then get the
      motor's force transferred to them and you'll be fine.

      Thanks for the suggestions!


      > Best, --Rob
      > AF3 motor refit - beefing up the transom?
      > Posted by: "Frank San Miguel" sanmi@... sanmi
      > Date: Sun Jun 1, 2008 5:24 am ((PDT))
      > I built my AF3, Creamcheese, for sailing on desert and mountain lakes
      > in the west. For those locations, oars were a perfect mode auxiliary
      > of power. I have since relocated to the East Coast and haven't sailed
      > her much lately because the tides are a little too strong here in the
      > Upper Chesapeake Bay (2-3mph at times). It is too inconvenient to
      > schedule my sailing around the lunar cycles.
      > After a lot of power-boating in the past few years(Bolger Cabin Clam
      > Skiff), I'm getting the itch to go sailing again and want to put a
      > little 4-cyc 2hp on Creamcheese (I'll probably sell my old British
      > Seagull on ebay). I'm planning to use a swing-up motor bracket
      > mounted to the port side of the transom.
      > I built my transom as designed, which isn't sufficient for a motor.
      > I'm considering my options for how to strengthen it. Max beefed his
      > up by using 5/8 ply.
      > Does anyone have any suggestions?
      > David Cassidy, I've been following your AF3 progress with pleasure.
      > It looks great! How did you strengthen the transom?
      > Thanks,
      > Frank
      > http://www.fsanmiguel.com/boat
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