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17736AF3 motor refit - beefing up the transom?

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  • Frank San Miguel
    Jun 1, 2008
      I built my AF3, Creamcheese, for sailing on desert and mountain lakes
      in the west. For those locations, oars were a perfect mode auxiliary
      of power. I have since relocated to the East Coast and haven't sailed
      her much lately because the tides are a little too strong here in the
      Upper Chesapeake Bay (2-3mph at times). It is too inconvenient to
      schedule my sailing around the lunar cycles.

      After a lot of power-boating in the past few years(Bolger Cabin Clam
      Skiff), I'm getting the itch to go sailing again and want to put a
      little 4-cyc 2hp on Creamcheese (I'll probably sell my old British
      Seagull on ebay). I'm planning to use a swing-up motor bracket
      mounted to the port side of the transom.

      I built my transom as designed, which isn't sufficient for a motor.
      I'm considering my options for how to strengthen it. Max beefed his
      up by using 5/8 ply.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?

      David Cassidy, I've been following your AF3 progress with pleasure.
      It looks great! How did you strengthen the transom?


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