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1748re:polyester vs. epoxy

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  • tautog82755
    Oct 3, 2002
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      For what it's worth, I built a Glen-L power skiff 14. I purchased
      my 'glass and epoxy from Raka. The aft deck of the cockpit called for
      1/4 inch stiffeners to be beveled with epoxy so there are no sharp
      angles. I ground them to about half the called for angle and then
      used some polyester to complete the bevels. I also reinforced a rear-
      seat bulkhead with poly and tape. The rest of the extensive taping
      and puttying was done with epoxy. Upon hanging the engine and
      trailering the vessel for the first time, I found minute cracks in
      the three areas made with polyester. I've since dug out all poly,
      sanded, and did over with epoxy. Not bad, only 8 hours or so to get
      it through my head that the difference in price is well worth it.