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17307Re: Toto question

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  • adventures_in_astrophotography
    Apr 14 6:06 AM
      Hi Robert,

      Hopefully when you got done cutting this weekend, you ended up with
      something like the top photo on this page:
      http://www.kolbsadventures.com/toto_1.htm , perhaps with the panels
      already scarfed in the middle. Once you are at this point, it's
      completely up to you which side goes in or out.

      I like to put the bad side out, mainly because nowadays I glass every
      boat. I didn't glass the outside of my first Toto, but I did on my
      second and it's actually easier to do that way, in my view. Since
      Toto is so small, it's simple to omit taping the outside seams and
      just glass the whole exterior instead. Doing so requires that you
      tape the inside seams first, building "right side up" to start.

      On the other hand, if you don't want to glass the exterior, but you
      are planning to deck both ends of the boat, putting the bad side in
      means you can hide more of the rough panel faces under the fore and
      aft decks, and not worry about smoothing out those areas.

      Jon Kolb
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