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17303Re: Toto question

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  • captreed48
    Apr 11, 2008
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      I think the problem is that we don't know how you laid them out. If
      you drew them both at the same time, in a mirror image, then it's easy
      to tip them up so the rough side is inside. With your drawn lines
      inside it's easy to place the frames.

      First I fill the dips or knot holes in the rough side and sand them
      before I put the lines down. I usually draw out one side, cut it out
      and then flop it over and draw the second side by tracing around the
      first side. This cuts down on the measuring. Then I put the smooth
      side outside. That way I get a yacht finish that everyone can see.
      (Oh. You didn't believe that? You heard that my finish jobs are great
      from 50' feet away?...true.) But I do start with the smooth side

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