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  • Bryant Owen
    Mar 2, 2008
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      The broad, blunt bow transom was the one thing that threw me off.
      Which is why I got Mixer plans. Any comment on the Mixer?


      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "captreed48" <captreed@...> wrote:
      > > Tell us more about this PP/Mixer. Why? How did it work?
      > >
      > > Bryant
      > With the Piccup Pram I thought that the bottom of the bow transom was
      > too low. At first every wave I encountered splashed up and over the
      > fore deck and ran down into the cockpit. I added a splash board on
      > the deck that diverted this water over the side and that helped.
      > Then it seemed that waves I met going to windward were hitting the
      > bow transom and slowing the boat down. I cut off the bow transom,
      > added about a foot to the side and bilge planks and brought them to a
      > point, much a Jim M. did in his Mixer design. All of this was done
      > in correspondence with Jim and led to the Mixer design. I found the
      > boat to be drier and faster to windward.
      > A significant difference? Maybe not, but I'm happy with the
      > results. Now I'm thinking of building an IMB. In that design the
      > waterline is quite a ways below bottom of the bow transom.
      > Reed
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