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  • captreed48
    Mar 1, 2008
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      > Toto as designed has 180 lb floatation.

      This is the volume of the flotation chamber in cubic feet times the
      weight of water in a cubic foot. 180 lbs floatation would float the
      weight of the boat if swamped. Subtract the weight of the boat from
      180 and you might get 120 lbs. The normal life jacket has 22 lbs of
      bouyancy. So, the floation in the boat might keep the boat plus 5
      adults in the water alongside of it afloat, all of them wet and miserable.

      My Piccup Pram has about 760 lbs of floatation, so if it were upside
      down I could put 3 adults on the bottom and we would all be completely
      dry...that is if we could get out of the boat and onto the bottom
      without getting wet.

      This is different than the displacement which is the weight of the
      water that the boat displaces. If you take the normal displacement
      given on a set of plans and subtract the boat weight you have the
      weight of allowable crew and supplies. e.g. My Piccup displaces 490
      lbs. Subtracting 100 lbs boat weight gives 390 pounds of crew and
      supplies. Or 2+ adults. I've had 4 adults in it and it is slow, but
      sails fine that way.

      Jim gives his expected displacement on his plans at the waterline at
      the bow.

      Whew. That's a lot of words when you already have your question
      answered. Sorry. I just got started and couldn't stop writing.

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