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  • Rob Rohde-Szudy
    Sep 4, 2007
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      Thanks Reed! This is high praise indeed. Some of you might remember that Reed was the fellow who started Jim thinking on ladders, and then Jim's article got me thinking, and...you get the idea. I gotta remember to tell Kilburn how his idea is getting around!

      In any case, I think you'll really like this type of ladder. It is quite easy to climb, which is of course why I stole...uh, <cough> BORROWED it.


      Re: boarding ladders
      Posted by: "captreed48" captreed@... captreed48
      Date: Mon Sep 3, 2007 7:45 pm ((PDT))

      Hi Rob,

      I enjoy your comments. It's been hot this week in So. California, so
      I've gone sailing and swimming all week. I've used the Reed Smith type

      of boarding ladder for each as of the last 6 days. It works, but wow
      is it a lot of work to get back aboard.

      Your current boarding ladder looks easy to use...I'm going to give it a


      Reed Smith

      Luggage? GPS? Comic books?
      Check out fitting gifts for grads at Yahoo! Search.

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