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  • Rob Rohde-Szudy
    Sep 4, 2007
      Hey Bill, very clever approach, using factory bolt holes. And that sure is a nice-looking ladder, painted to match and all. Almost looks like it came that way!

      As for your door hinges, they look pretty good. I just didn't have the patience to figure out how to do it. I'd smear 'em with some vaseline, and it will be quite a while before they start rusting.

      Good job!


      Re: boarding ladders
      Posted by: "Bill Nolen" BGN5731@... billnolen66
      Date: Mon Sep 3, 2007 6:36 pm ((PDT))

      Rob, I ended up taking the easy way out and used the bolt holes that
      the factory drilled to hold the plywood-aluminum-plywood transom
      sandwich. On my boat the aluminum transom is sandwiched between two
      pieces of 3/4" plywood. Here is a photo showing the transom before I
      went crazy and started adding a fishfinder transducer and the ladder.


      And a photo showing my ladder mounted. If you look closely you can
      see the four SS bolts that are holding the 3/4" ladder mounting board
      to the transom plywood. I have a 3/4" spacer under the mounting
      board. I'm going tp have to tweak the rope a bit to get the steps
      where I want them.


      Here is a close of the four house door hinges that I used for the
      step hinges. It will be interesting to see how long they last before
      rust sets in!


      And two photos showing the ladder folded for travel.



      If you or anyone else comes up with a design using one or two metal
      rods for the step hinges, i would sure like to view the design. I do
      want to build a boarding ladder for my Harmonica.

      Thanks Rob for all your help,


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