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14983Re: Launch of the Nocturne

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  • nadapesca
    Jun 1 3:39 PM
      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "robrohdeszudy" <robrohdeszudy@...>
      > I agree on steering with the rudder. It's too fiddly with the motor
      > anyhow. With the rudder you can probably leave the tiller.
      > For backing out a good pole cannot be beaten. Absolute certain
      > positioning with respect to the bottom, regardless of current. No
      > does that.
      > I feel your pain on backing halfway to the middle of the lake. I
      have a
      > really shallow ramp here in Madison. I'm spoiled by the 24'
      > but this AF4B is tough to launch. I think I need to get rid of the
      > wheels and get 8" wheels. That'll drop it right down into the water
      > provide more space to lower the bunks. Food for thought.
      > --Rob
      Thats a fact Rob, when under power, I just give the rudder a nudge
      here and there, stays on course by itself for the most part. I can
      light a cigar, finish my coffee, and reel in the trolling care
      without worring about staying on course.
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