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14475Re: Prop Question: Will a couple of nicks cause the prop to slip?

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  • n8szy
    Mar 5, 2007
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      Hi Max & Bryant

      I checked the prop on the "Prop Torque Fixture" and found out that
      the prop would not hold the 40 ft-lbs. When the torque was applied
      the to the prop it slowly creeped around. I guess I need a new
      prop. I found a new one online for less than $60. Thanks for all
      your help and opinions.


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      > --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "Bryant Owen" <mariner@> wrote:
      > >
      > > If you suspect prop hub slip take the prop off and take it to a
      > > *qualified* shop to have it checked by torquing. Should be a
      > > or no charge. A prop can slip yet appear still firmly seated in
      > > propeller housing.
      > >
      > > Bryant - former OMC mechanic
      > >
      > >
      > If these people have a set of pitch blocks, you might also
      > have them check the blades on a block to see if any have been
      > twisted in a way not immediately apparent to the naked eye.
      > A flat bottom boat can occasionally feed air into the propeller,
      > especially when heading into the wind. Also, a "keel" or "skid"
      > extending too close to the engine, or not properly tapered, or
      > too big can also occasionally feed air into the propeller.
      > The center skid as designed on the AF4 ends a couple feet in
      > front of the outboard, and as long as this "1 by 4" is tapered
      > to any degree, the skid should not be a problem unless you
      > cut your transon real high.
      > How high is the transom, measured vertically (not along the face
      > of the transom) from the plane of the boat's bottom to the
      > top of the transsom?
      > My AF4 will usually get air into the prop on farily tight turns
      > at planing speeds. I think I have my transon cut to 16 1/4 inches,
      > but different outboard motors will tolerate different transom
      > heights.
      > Have you tried another propeller?
      > Max
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