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13921Re: Canoe Skid Plate

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  • Nels
    Dec 1, 2006
      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "Bryant Owen" <mariner@...> wrote:
      > I'd consider a narrow brass or bronze stem band on the leeboard and
      > rudder.
      > Bryant

      Yes - I have thought about some kind of stem band stock as well. I am
      not concerned about sailing so much as when motoring. The sail rig is
      rather an after-thought on TWISTER and I will be mostly motoring on a
      river and then drifting around once I get to the lake - with the
      appearance of sailing:-)

      On TWISTER Jim mentions that using the board will help in directional
      control. You know - to prevent the boat from skidding when going
      though obstacles like trees and sandbars.

      Therefore it may take more pressure on the pivot bolt to keep it down
      and prevent chattering. Even then the hull speed will only be about
      5-6 MPH. A leeboard on each side, partway down is what I am seeing
      inside my head so the boat can pivot around them and carve the turn. A
      couple of skids on the bottom may do the same thing, but then that
      degrades the sailing ability in my same rather foggy brain:-)

      I have kevlar canoe skid plates on a couple of my canoes and they work
      great and are easy to install as shown at the link. Using a premixed
      gelled epoxy. Should work with any kind of cloth cut on the bias and
      your own mix. Also for the bottom of canoe paddles.

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