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13614Re: Marine of standard plywood

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  • Mike Mulcahy
    Oct 2, 2006
      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "lxvnrsw" <alexandervanorsow@...>
      > now here's a senario:
      > Like most people you live in a world where things cost money so just
      > using only the best materials is out of the question. You have
      > to use one of two methods; either buy lesser grade but still exterior
      > plywood and then spend your money on epoxy coating all you wood very
      > throughly, OR, you buy expensive marine plywood but use epoxy
      > sparingly, coating your wood with exterior paint.
      > What method would you choose?
      > Or is there another, better, method?
      I built Philsboat of good AC fir plywood (did the boil test) covered
      with 6oz cloth and epoxy and am very happy with the results. Partly I
      did this because my closest supplier of marine plywood is 400 miles
      away and it was easier to ship in glass cloth and epoxy.
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