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  • antec007
    Aug 11, 2006
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      Not to belabor the point,
      I'm always amazed at how my Multi-Thousand Dollar boats rely on
      a $2 drain plug, made in China from recycled tin cans. <g>

      When my Cabin Cruiser was going down I was Sure the outdrive boot had
      sprung a leak because the water was coming in so fast.
      Kay was standing calf deep in water, bailing with a 5 gallon bucket
      and was having a hard time keeping up.
      I was panicking, trying to keep my Kicker Running and trying to find a
      shallow place to beach the boat. This is a mountain reservoir and is
      40-50 feet deep just 10 feet from shore.
      Finally flagged down a big cruiser and was towed to the dock.
      We were shocked when we finally pulled the boat out of the water and
      saw water coming out of Just the drain hole.
      Had I Known it was the drain I could have jumped in and plugged the
      hole from the outside. I did carry Spare Drain Plugs.

      If I Were to put a drain in a boat I would put it somewhere visible
      from inside the boat and easily accessible.

      Thanks Max

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      > >
      > > Out here in Oregon a lot of drift boaters us a cast bronze drain
      > with
      > > screw in plug mounted at the lowest place in the boat while on the
      > > trailer.
      > Out here in Miss-ur-a (Missouri) a lot of us "drifting" boaters
      > use cheap plastic versions of the above.
      > > But, after having a heavy 20' glass cabin cruiser almost sink out
      > from
      > > under me as a result of a drain plug failure because of a freak
      > > occurrence, I've decided to Not put Any holes in my boats below the
      > > water line.
      > A common sentiment. But it does not bother me to have numerous
      > drain plugs in a boat. I would be more concerned with an open
      > cooling water line to an inboard engine, or a suction line to
      > a head, than a drain plug. Then you are depending upon
      > the integrity of a rubber hose keeping your boat afloat.
      > Max
      > Max
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