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13381Re: Boat Drains

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  • vexatious2001
    Aug 9 6:47 PM
      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "antec007" <pateson@...> wrote:
      > Out here in Oregon a lot of drift boaters us a cast bronze drain
      > screw in plug mounted at the lowest place in the boat while on the
      > trailer.

      Out here in Miss-ur-a (Missouri) a lot of us "drifting" boaters
      use cheap plastic versions of the above.

      > But, after having a heavy 20' glass cabin cruiser almost sink out
      > under me as a result of a drain plug failure because of a freak
      > occurrence, I've decided to Not put Any holes in my boats below the
      > water line.

      A common sentiment. But it does not bother me to have numerous
      drain plugs in a boat. I would be more concerned with an open
      cooling water line to an inboard engine, or a suction line to
      a head, than a drain plug. Then you are depending upon
      the integrity of a rubber hose keeping your boat afloat.


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