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13309Re: [Michalak] Re: Engine Question

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  • rmariutto@aol.com
    Aug 2, 2006
      Hi Rob
      Thanks for the suggestions, This 6Hp motor does not look quite like the older
      motors that you and I have worked on. The last time I changed a water pump
      on an older OMC I stacked a washer, a spring and a bushing on the splined shaft
      above the roll pin. On this model those pieces are captured in the exhaust
      housing by the power head. Even though I didn't move the engine, the pieces
      got out of alignment when I tried to align the shaft with the power head. I
      tried to straighten the pieces with a three foot 1/4" dowel rod with little

      I liked your article in Duck Works about putting drains in thin plywood
      sheathed hulls. This winter I will put them in my AF4. Two weeks ago I took my
      AF4 180 miles to Delaware Lake State Park in Ohio. On Saturday night it poured
      in torrents for six hours. The next morning I had to bail out about fifty
      gallons of water out of the cockpit and cabin. Those drains would have come in
      real handy.

      Thanks again Rob

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