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  • vexatious2001
    Aug 1, 2006
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      > I have a 1979 long shaft 6 Hp Evinrude

      upper housing will not snug up to
      > the lower housing. There is a 1/4" gap between the housings. I
      > removed and replaced the lower lower end at least six times with the
      > same result. Each time I turned the power head and upper housing
      > down to rearrange the springs and bushings trapped up in power head
      > area with a dowel rod. I don't want to force anything. Is there
      > secret that I am missing?

      Good evening:

      Did you have to disconnect the shift rod on this
      engine in order to "drop" the lower unit?

      If not, then you have a version where the shift
      mechanism is spring-loaded to forward gear and the
      shift lever also needs to be in forward gear in
      order to re-install the lower unit.

      Is the water tube actually seating in it's seal
      or is it hitting the top of the water pump housing?

      On those engines where the power head has to be removed
      in order to disconnect the shift linkage and remove
      the lower unit, the driveshaft must be rotated for the
      pin at the top of the driveshaft (which the seal components
      rest on) can pass through a slot in the exhaust (tower)
      housing. The seal comoponents are then set on
      top of the driveshaft, the powerhead being off.

      Beyond that, the crankshaft splines may
      not be lined up, requiring that the prop be slowly turned
      9engine in gear) in order to align the splines.

      Yes, it can be frustrating getting the lower unit back
      on_ it often takes me 3 or 4 tries before I get everything
      lined up and in place. It helps to have the engine
      in a vertical ("tilted all the way down") position and as
      high off the ground as possible. Hang it up on a tall fence
      or something like that, so that the prop is at about face

      Let us know how it goes.

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