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12876Re: Paddling a Toto

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  • adventures_in_astrophotography
    Jun 1, 2006
      Hi Eric,

      > I installed the Skeg as called for in the Plans.

      I've built and paddled two Totos, and in my view the skeg shown on
      the plans is inadequate. If I were doing it again, I'd make the skeg
      shorter lengthwise and as deep as possbile without going any deeper
      than the belly of the boat. It would also help to fair the skeg
      leading and trailing edges. I made a skeg like this (short, deep,
      and faired) for Robote, and it tracks beautifully. That result has
      me tempted to cut the skegs off my Totos and replace them.

      > I do need to come up with some type of seat and back
      > support.

      Bolger, among others, strongly recommends against using a backrest
      for double paddling. He claims it will cause lower back pain. I
      like the idea of a backrest close behind, but not supporting my back
      until I lean back to take a break. A duffle and a boat cushion or
      two work well. I also found that just leaning back against the aft
      bulkhead while wearing a PFD provides a comfortable resting/drifting

      Jon Kolb
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