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  • Derek Waters
    May 1, 2006
      Hello John

      It's a while since I built my Piccup, and I no longer remember which side of
      the bilge panel goes where, but I can assure you it becomes fairly obvious
      once you get the boat three dimensional - the bilge panels are an obvious
      fit into their spaces one way and not a good fit the other.
      As to why the bilge and bottom are overlength: I'd suggest that the boat
      takes its form from the sides and the bulkheads. Slight differences from one
      builder to the next would play havoc if all the parts were given as exact
      shapes. The way Jim does things means that you have enough material to "trim
      to fit". You can attach the relevant panels and do the internal taping then
      trim off the excess before doing the tape [and any glass work] on the

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