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12283Re: Plywood just failed!

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  • bar_none_corkscrew
    Mar 1, 2006
      Bill Longwind,
      Good last name, hope you are a sailor.
      I think that you should take the plywood back to the lumber yard and
      ask for your money back. Or did you get the ply at the dump? Sue the
      Vince in Fort Myers,FL
      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "n4613w6019" <bmckeough@...> wrote:
      > Woe is me.For a dump trip stepped a'bd my trailor and my leg went
      > through to the ground.My green card runs out in march(good for 10
      > yrs.) and put 1/2 inch ply on the trailor when I got it;That was 11
      > yrs ago!Stored outdoors,one application; and never touched since ,of
      > house stain.Don't use that cheap exterior plywood!Ah ha ha!Bill
      > Longwind.
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