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12107Re: River rowing and currents

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  • wwbaginski
    Feb 2, 2006
      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "Stefan Probst" <stefan.probst@...>
      > Hi Wojtek,
      > --- "wwbaginski" <wwbaginski@> wrote:
      > > Two weeks ago I 've bought small (2,5 HP) sideboard motor
      > Do I see it right, that there is no guiding pipe around the 1.5-m long
      > shaft of the T├╝mmler? Means: the shaft has to be very straight,
      > otherwise you get high lateral forces due to excentricity ("tumbling"?).
      > The Delphin, which is a similar side-board motor, seems to have such a
      > guiding pipe.
      > Thanks for any isight that you can share.
      > Stefan
      Yes, the shaft has no guiding element, but looks straight and strong,
      and is surprisely light. I'll run the motor soon, and I'll give you a
      report. What else seems to be nice with this motor? It's really
      lightweight in comparison to our 15 hp mercury!
      Stefan, I was trying to find Delphin motor mentioned by you, via
      google, but with no result. Is it European product? Do you have any
      info? I'm pretty sure that there were a few similar designs at thirties.

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