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11515Re: Can of worms question....(long)

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  • Stefan Probst
    Nov 3, 2005
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      --- In Michalak@yahoogroups.com, "Chuck Leinweber" <chuck@d...> wrote:
      > > Glue only grabs the glued SURFACE, so the piece
      > > itself can more easily rupture.
      > > A mechanically fastened joint reaches all the way
      > > through at least one of the parts, the fasteners adding
      > > their strength to that of the part.

      I guess it is a matter of how the load vector is in relation to the
      wood surface.

      with a glued joint, if you pull straight away from the surface, then
      you probably risk pulling some fibres from the surface (or the whole
      outer layer of the ply). If the force is more parallel to the surface,
      then there is probably less risk.

      Fasteners for load vertical to the surface don't help much: the head
      of the nail or the screw would simply be pulled through the wood
      (unless it is enlarged by a washer). Loads parallel to the surface are
      held very well by a fastener, though.

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