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1058Re: Mayfly 12 finished

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  • petersimmons55409
    Jul 3, 2002
      --- In Michalak@y..., "ntsrfer" <ktsrfer@m...> wrote:
      > I finished the fore and aft decks now just waiting for the 3m to dry
      > and the last coat of varnish on the daggerboard. The Mayfly is
      > completed enough to get it wet. Well after I wax the bottom with that
      > teflon wax. But its finished... whewwwwwww. there's a pic of the
      > dagger board in pics files. I'll have more pics as it comes off the
      > balcony.
      > Now to get it off the balcony.
      > Todd

      Hey Todd - Congratulations!
      I'll be very interested in hearing about your launch as I'm considering
      the Mayfly 12 as the boat I'll build for my son's 8th grade graduation
      next Spring. Are you going with the sharpie sprit rig per design? And
      what calculations (if any) did you make to locate the daggar board?
      And what is teflon wax? Maybe I missed something, but I've never heard
      of it. Anyway, your boat looks great and I'm looking forward to more

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