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10025RE: [Michalak] Re: Polyethylene glue

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  • Bruce C. Anderson
    Jul 1, 2005
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      I had pretty good luck sealing them with either Goo, or Goop, I forgot.
      Here is how I did it.


      When I do it next time, I might make some changes. For instance, I will use
      4 buckets. The part of the bucket that will be on the outside of the boat
      will be cut a bit longer than I did before. I will use another cut a little
      shorter on the inside, so they nest together sandwiching the deck between

      I will use Goop (Goo???) to form a bead around the lip of the top lid, slip
      it into the hole in the deck.
      Next I'll put another bead on the underside of the deck at the bucket deck
      Then I'll slip the shorter bucket part onto the outer bucket, and using the
      soldering iron "Weld" the bucket edges together.

      We will just have to see if it works though.

      Oh yea, I'll probably use the screw on lid buckets that you get at pool
      supply stores instead of the snap on kind.

      Good Luck

      See Ya

      Have Lots of Fun


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