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SUNSET CORNERS: Jay Weiss..a celebration of life

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  • Michael H. Bittel
    For better or worse, one of the things that occurs when you are master of an email list, is that you are given the opportunity to occasionally use this form of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2004
      For better or worse, one of the things that occurs when you are master of an
      email list, is that you are given the opportunity to occasionally use this
      form of communication for something outside its normal goals. Over the
      years, we have sparingly and with great thought done so. Where usually our
      emails both promote and hopefully educate our client base to what is new in
      the world of wine, we have also helped a host of social service agencies
      spread the word of their fund raising events and even given a restaurant
      review or two. Today we utilize this forum for something we have never done
      before. a celebration of an extraordinary life. The life of Jay Weiss.

      Jay was one of the founder's of Southern Wine and Spirits, today the largest
      wine and sprits wholesaler in the world. For those of us who enjoy wine, let
      there be no doubt that he and his partners' vision are significantly
      responsible for creating the truly exciting array of wines that each of us
      have today. In no small measure, they created and encouraged an environment
      that enabled wine producers, importers, retailers and restaurateurs to
      start their endeavors. Even those who never did business with Southern owe
      them much. Jay stood right in the middle of this, providing sage advice,
      education and sometimes a needed hand to hold. For this we are in his debt.

      Jay was devoted to our South Florida community. For many years he toiled
      relentlessly for our public heath needs. He was one of the guiding lights at
      Jackson and Public Health Trust. He beamed with pride at their
      accomplishments and worried deeply over their stumbles. For this we are in
      his debt.

      He was a constant champion for those who were given less in life than him.
      He truly believed that what he had been blessed with was a gift on loan and
      that this required of him to give back to those less fortunate. And give of
      himself he did, to schools, community centers, health clinics, and on and
      on. For this we are in his debt.

      Even more importantly, Jay served as a mentor and peer raising the bar
      continuously higher for all who knew him. The time and money he spent
      enriching our community inspired many to attempt to emulate the incredibly
      high standards he set. For this we are in his debt.

      Jay Weiss was a friend to so many people. He tirelessly attempted to help
      anyone with whatever his or her needs were. He was always there with a smile
      and look of confidence that seemed to make everyone feel that no matter what
      the difficulty, things would work out fine. He was never too busy to sit and
      have a conversation. He was never to busy to listen to a problem. He made
      the time. For this we are in his debt.

      We have all heard it said that a life is measured by its accomplishments.
      Never were truer words spoken than in remembering Jay. For us, Jay will
      always be alive. He lives in the love he shared with so many people. He
      lives in the actions of those who have become involved in our community from
      his encouragement. He lives in the richness he added to South Florida.
      While we will miss the conversations, we will be guided by Jay's light.

      Sunset Corners Fine Wines & Spirits
      8701 Sunset Drive Miami, FL 33173
      ph: 305 271 8492
      fax: 305 271 5390
      coming soon: www.sunsetcorners.com
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