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Wine Class Offered at FAU

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    Greetings Wine Vagabonds! Photos from our recent gathering at Saratoga Ristorante are now posted for viewing at _LaBORatory Night_
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      Greetings Wine Vagabonds!

      Photos from our recent gathering at Saratoga Ristorante are now posted for viewing at LaBORatory Night.

      As Keeper of the Cork, I am sometimes asked by Lab Night attendees if I know of any available wine classes. Today, I received this information from Lab Night regular, Terry Cusick, about an upcoming wine class at FAU in Broward and I am forwarding it in case you may be interested.

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      <<The FAU Lifelong Learning Society (Davie Campus) next Friday has a class, “Wines of the World”, that has an open enrollment. The cost of this individual class is $10.  There is more information attached. Reservations can be made by phone: 954-236-1113 or email: llsbroward@.... I believe you can also just show up a little early.





      WDL6 – Wines of the World

       Dr. David Lee




      Friday, 3/7/08

      1:00-2:45 pm



      FAU’s Davie Campus

      Liberal Arts Bldg. Rm. 132

      Web: www.fau.edu/lllbr/

      Email: llsbroward@...


      2912 College Ave., Davie, FL


      Parking is free

      Lecture Description


      This lecture examines the world of wine from a geographical standpoint.  We examine how wines are made and how the four components of wine (grape, soil, climate, and winemaker) combine to make wines of varying flavors, intensities and qualities.  We discuss how humans experience wine in the nose and palate, and how certain styles of wine pair with particular foods.   Wine regions of the world will be discussed along with old world and new world wines.  Following the lecture, Dr. Lee will pour two red wines in a blind tasting.  Participants will be encouraged to speculate:  (1) what is the grape of the wines; (2) which is French, which is New World; (3) what foods would go with which wine; and (4) which of the two is preferred.


      Biographical Information


      David Lee grew up in California and received his Ph.D. in Geography from UCLA in 1967.  After five years at University of California, Davis, he joined the faculty at FAU in 1971.  He is now an emeritus professor of geography in FAU's college of science.  He has taught the course "World of Wines" for a number of years, and he conducts research in geographical topics relating to wines.  His most recent paper examined the land use texture of vineyard landscapes in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys.  He also works half-time at The Wine Warehouse of Boca Raton helping stock and sell a variety of wines from around the world.  His two daughters and three grandchildren live in the Wine Country of Sonoma County, California.

      Delicious ideas to please the pickiest eaters. Watch the video on AOL Living.
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