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"Mythical" LaBORatory Night Returns to The Ark on July 25th

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  • grapewiz@aol.com
    A dinner invitation, once accepted, is a sacred obligation. If you die before the dinner takes place, your executor must attend. - Ward McAllister, Society
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      "A dinner invitation, once accepted, is a sacred obligation. If you die before the dinner takes place, your executor must attend." - Ward McAllister, Society as I Have Found It.
      Now THAT is a commitment!  Fortunately for LaBORatory Night attendees, our protocol is not quite so strict. In fact, the rules are few... no discussion of sports, religion or politics. No white zinfandel. That's it. We won't even incite undue pressure by invoking the tenet espoused by the late Wallis Simpson, former Duchess of Windsor - "If you accept a dinner invitation, you have a moral obligation to be amusing."
      That's right... you don't even have to be amusing! You merely need to be open to meeting new friends, having a good time and tall enough to ride the roller coaster at Disney World.
      If you feel you can meet these minimal requirements, then you're invited to join us at The Ark on July 25th for the next LaBORatory Night, an evening of good food, plenteous wine and festive camaraderie that was recently described as "mythical" by southfloridagourmet.com
      Here are the details:

      Monday, July 25th, 2005
      The Ark - Driving Directions

      6255 Stirling Road


      Tel: (954) 584-3075

      $25.00 per person price-fixe, includes complete buffet, soft drink, coffee or tea. Tax and tip INCLUDED!

      The Ark provides us with our own spacious private dining room, with large round tables to facilitate our customary sharing of wines and general, yet reserved, rowdiness. A fabulous buffet offers specialties for all tastes, including hot soups, an extensive salad bar, unlimited peel and eat shrimp, crab legs, poached dill salmon, crunchy and moist broasted chicken, amazingly tender and flavorful prime rib au jus, quite possibly the world's best garlic bread, and a varied assortment of homemade entrees and side dishes. The elaborate dessert buffet including an ice cream bar, The Ark's special recipe bread pudding, assorted pies, cakes, cookies and fresh fruit, is all included in the price. 

      Every person or couple brings a bottle of wine, masked by a paper bag or other wrapper, which they think would be interesting to share with the group during dinner. Unless you thrive on verbal abuse, no white zinfandel, please. The Ark has graciously agreed to waive its usual $10 per bottle corkage charge for LaBORatory Night.

      Depending on the group's size and earnestness, sometimes we have a serious discussion and analysis of the wines. More often than not, we just drink them.

      Our original Biscayne Wine Merchants ground rules remain - three topics are verboten for discussion on Monday LaBORatory nights - sports, religion and politics. If you feel compelled to raise any of these topics, please come back on Tuesday. All other subjects are fair game.

      Guests, spouses and designated drivers are welcome and encouraged. It's about as much fun as you can legally have on a Monday night.


      RSVP's are a must.  PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND DIRECTLY TO THE ARK! Email affirmative responses to GrapeWiz@... by Friday, June 24th, and let me know how many will be in your party. Please also include a phone number in your email.


      LaBORatory Night (pronounced La-BOHR-atory, like in the old Frankenstein movies) is an ongoing, informal event that has evolved over a period of more than fifteen years. Our ragtag crew of wine drinkers meets about once a month on Monday nights.


      Feel free to forward this email to your friends so that the circle of LaBORatory Night victims, errr, participants, continues to expand. 


      Notification for this event has progressed over time from "message in a bottle" to telephone to the current email. If this announcement has been forwarded to you by a friend, and you would like to be notified directly for future LaBORatory Night gatherings, or if you would like to be removed from this list, please email grapewiz@...

      Your support of LaBORatory Night, through attendance, suggestions and comments is always greatly appreciated.
      Alan Kratish
      "Keeper of the Cork"
      Cell: (954)290-4746
      email: grapewiz@...

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