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SUNSET CORNERS: Valentines gift for your significant other and not!

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  • Michael H. Bittel
    BONNY DOON VALENTINES GIFT! Arrives on Tuesday.. $29.99 the box Here we provide a solution to the age-old Valentine s dilemma - flowers or chocolate? When it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2005


      Arrives on Tuesday….


      $29.99 the box


      Here we provide a solution to the age-old Valentine’s dilemma — “flowers or chocolate?”

      When it comes to Valentine’s gifts, there aren’t many inspiring options. After all, how many red teddy bears with “Hug Me” embroidered on the belly can one person own? Our “Loves Me” box offers the perfect way to say “Be Mine” to your favorite Valentine(s). And it’s one of those rare gifts that can be shared and enjoyed by both the recipient and the giver!


      The box includes a bottle of our legendary Framboise, a candle, matches, massage oil, and milk chocolate — all the ingredients for a memorable Valentine’s Day (or evening, as it were). It’s all about bringing a little passion to the world.


      "The <I>Loves Me</I>" Kit




      Do you know someone who believes no holiday is as sickening and annoying as Valentine’s Day? Who feels that Icky-sweet candies and cute, cuddly stuffed animals are just the combination to make a person sick to their stomach?

      Then our “Loves Me Not” box makes the perfect gift. It’s for those looking to temporarily forget an annoying partner — or for the friend in need of a little un-Valentine pick-me-up.

      The box includes a bottle of our rich and unforgiving Heart of Darkness, a voodoo doll, bittersweet chocolate, purifying soap, and an eraser — all the ingredients to purge oneself of the ghosts of loves lost, of Valentine’s past.


      "The <I>Loves Me <B>Not!</B></I>" Kit of UnLove!



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