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Miami, endless luxury market

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    Crisis? According to whom. It happens everywhere. There is always rich and successors. While some remain on top of the dollar, no problem with others withdraw
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2012

      Crisis? According to whom. It happens everywhere. There is always rich and successors. While some remain on top of the dollar, no problem with others withdraw any winter quarters before a still uncertain outlook even for them. Continually appear more. The money has not disappeared.Someone has it. The only reason to break into a scenario is that the offer is attractive and Miami is. The parts seem inexhaustible for Sun City.

      New landowners willing to pay not only by multi-million dollar mansions  , but property tax scandal annual sounding figures because it is equivalent to other houses or apartments of a good standard. That is, for 'palaces' about $ 10 million, taxes hovering around 300,000. Minimum.

      The Miami real estate market also suffered tremendous global thud, but his proposal is much more striking than elsewhere. Hence, not only confirmed famous but wealthy citizens of emerging economies, Russian or Brazilian style, have come to save her. Increased legal certainty and American resources, with the main attraction of great weather, warm Caribbean sun and sea all year is a good guarantee. And that is paid.

      It is what has made a new and unknown Russian (the mystery still, many times), which broke the previous record for a mansion in Indian Creek, the island off the coast of Miami Beach inside. He paid $ 47 million, a good deal in the background as the builders started asking 60 and then had to go down to 52.

      But it was a sign that the times are still recovering from the massive increases in recent years.

      Russians and Julio Iglesias , it seems, are those who are more buoyant.In a nod to life as usual singer in April bought a house next to it and had to 15,200,000. Extends domains and plans to move by Christmas. Punta Cana is nothing and will never be Miami or the United States. Children and education also send.

      Chabeli, Enrique and Julio José, part two. All Churches emporium and perhaps surpass the 40 million paid last year for its palace adjoiningEdward Lampert , the owner of conglomerate Sears and Kmart. No wonder, with so much power, that private security of Indian Creek, with just one square kilometer in length, is even boats for its coast.

      Another market that has moved in the highest levels of gem is the southernmost, Star Island, directly opposite South Beach. There is the most famous home of Gloria and Emilio Estefan , who have always though now very conscious of their hotel Costa d'Este in Vero Beach, 215 miles north of Miami.

      The actress and presenter Rosie O'Donnell does sell his mansion of 1,100 square meters by 19.5 million. He bought in 1999 by 6.75. Twelve rooms and 11 bathrooms. Maybe too much for his heart. Just unveiled almost followed an attack he suffered and his secret marriage last June with his girlfriend Michelle Rounds.

      Next, after divorce, the retired NBA giant, Shaquille O'Neal sold in 2009 for 16 million it cost his 18.8 five years ago. The buyer, not unusual, another Russian, Vladislav Doronin , boyfriend of Naomi Campbell and chairman of Capital Group real estate empire. Another neighbor, confirming that the Russians are big time billionaires, although its great center is farther north, Sunny Isles (the ineffable teeming Donald Trump), has been his compatriot Roustam Tariko, owner of Russian Standard Bank and Russian Standard Vodka. The summer of 2011 broke the world record time by acquiring other property on Star Island  for 25 million.

      It was a bargain as the auction of the home of businessman Claudio Osorio Venezuelan following its bankruptcy last year also. Alfonso Rey, an unknown entrepreneur, bought for 12.7 million.

      Miami left years ago Madonna or Sylvester Stallone. And also keep going, or cast, as Osorio. For different reasons, but perhaps always pushed back because you can not keep both value and property taxes in the times of crisis. That is, it is also shed weight before you get to the edge 'style Nicolas Cage'.

      Ricky Martin has residences in New York, Puerto Rico and on an island in Rio de Janeiro. But in April sold his house on North Bay Road Miami, overlooking the intracoast , the Bay of Biscay, for $ 10.6 million. He had bought it in 2005 for 10, but came to have it on sale in 2007 to 16.9 and 19.5 in 2008.

      Supposedly, it does not appear in the records of the county, also sold another house of nearly 1,000 square meters in Golden Beach, on the Atlantic coast, by 6.3. A bad business, it bought in 2007 for 16.5 and soon regretted it for sale the same year by 22.5. He finished in a dramatic downturn. But those were the prices in the area in September 2011. Another Russian, Sergey Solonin, Qiwi own, a deferred payment undertaking, bought another in December with 200 square meters less for the same 6.3 million.

      A little further north, in La Gorce, another large island torn into the main fall is Miami Beach, has put his house up for sale more than 800 square meters singer Billy Joel . Calls 14.7 million, more than the 13.5 he paid six years ago, it does show that sometimes the price spike. Apparently, he compensates maintain their New York mansion and only hotel to come to Miami. Leave her seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, separate pool and pier all have.

      In February, Anna Kournikova sold for 7.43 million home smaller than 600 square meters in Sunset Island, further south. His plan is to build another with Enrique Iglesias, consolidated partner. But hardly in Indian Creek, near the father.

      A sale more amazing, but true, was that of Sheikh Tarek el Fassi, a member of the troubled Saudi family in power and one of the owners of the corporation powerful Kuwaiti Al-Jumaa. For only 8.5 million last May came off of the two houses that had joined in Pinetree Drive, near Sunset, in 1991 for a total of just three.

      The same month, however, the record is marked the sale of more modern three-story penthouse in the Continuum South, located at the tip of South Beach. Floor 40 to 42, with five bedrooms, seven and a half bathrooms, spread over 600 square meters, six terraces, a pool, private elevator and windows of more than five meters high. A real gold glass box in the sky. In the more expensive and attractive building, opposite the exclusive Fisher Island, which can monitor the other side of the same Miami harbor entrance where they exit and enter the cruise and merchant.

      Alex Birkenstock, a member of the family that owns the German shoe brand, who left the business in 2008, sold it for 25 million to an Italian investor. Great transaction, because he had bought in 2009 for just 9.

      Precisely in Fisher Island, which became the most expensive postal district in the United States, it has emerged that many owners have had serious problems with the economic crisis. There are mostly apartments, but foreclosures have happened. Of course, none of owners known as Oprah Winfrey, Andre Agassi or Julia Roberts, who is never seen or known to arrive by boat or helicopter.

      But the danger is yet again another sale the old house Gianni Versace , in the heart of Ocean Drive, Miami Beach walk by the sea and whose entrance stairs designer was murdered in 1997. Casa Casuarina, with its 1,900 square feet, 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a 18-meter pool and stunning decor sold 125 million. That figure itself breaks all records.

      Its owner, the telecommunications entrepreneur Peter Loftin , bought in September 2000 from the heirs of Versace for 19 million and try and settle a complicated mortgage situation in which it is wrapped. Currently has leased and operating as a hotel and restaurant. Maybe it's the curse that hovers memory.

      In Miami there is much light, but also quite a few shadows.

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