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New González results posted

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  • garyf@pacbell.net
    New González, Arturo Southwestern European - I2-P37.2 L160 M26
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      New González, ArturoSouthwestern European - I2-P37.2>L160>M26132216111212111313141129..........................

      Matches another Gonzalez and a couple of other surnames in our project.

      Gonzalez, ArturoEl Sauce aka La Villita aka Guadalupe Victoria, Jalpa, Zacatecas, Mexico>Texas and California. Haplogroup I2a most common in Spain and Sardinia. See these YDNA 9 marker match(es) to Spain in this - YHRD database search. Oldest Ydna ancestor - Sebastian Gonzalez (b~1660)> Alejo Gonzalez Venegas (b~1699)> Jose Maria Gonzalez Llamas(?)(b~1730)> Jose Maria Gonzalez Ledesma (b 13 Sept 1790)> Lucas Gonzalez Casillas (b~1832)> Jacinto Gonzalez Duran (1867)> Monico Gonzalez Duran (b1890)> Jose Inez Gonzalez Sanchez (b1916)> Daniel Gonzalez Ventura (b1947)> Arturo Gonzalez Medina (b1969). The link to my genealogy website iswww.arturogonzalez.com/OurFamilies/persons.html Email Arturo Gonzalez

      Mexico DNA Project Admin.
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