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Our NA ancestors

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  • garyf@pacbell.net
    Hi Carmelita, have you contacted Mr. Flores? He is listed as a 3rd to 5th cousin of your Brother. Our link appears to be too distant at 5th to distant cousin.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 3, 2013
      Hi Carmelita,
      have you contacted Mr. Flores? He is listed as a 3rd to 5th cousin of your Brother.

      Our link appears to be too distant at 5th to distant cousin.

      Regarding all of our NA ancestors they discovered farming (domesticated Corn) in Mesoamerica about 9K years ago about the same as China (Rice) and the Fertile Cresent (Wheat). Mesoamerica and Peru were the centers of great expansions. These ancestors were from the first migration into the Americas. The Na dene speaking people of parts of Canada and the US Southwest were part of the second wave from Beringia. There was a more recent migration (Eskimo), the third and last. The Na dene speakers appear to be the most diverse as they have both the 1st and second wave genetics.

      Disease depopulated the Americas quickly. Populations smaller than 300,000 were vulnerable to being wiped out because a pandemic needs survivors to spread. Diamond (author of guns germs and steel) says that since a virus changes it would take this amount to leave enough people to have enough build up a resistance to a weak strain of the virus to survive another generation. DNA evidence shows that they did and the most likely places would be Mesoamerica and Peru where populations were the highest to begin with. Otherwise the NA would have to mix with the Iberians in order to leave children with some genes that were resistant to these diseases. This is the reason NA Ydna haplogroups are relatively infrequent in our group. Other options were to isolate until cures were developed in the early 1900's when populations in general took off.

      I think Ydna and Mtdna (haploid dna) is our best bet at associating our dna with a specific tribe.

      Hope this helps in some way.

      --- In MexicoDNAProject@yahoogroups.com, E Stewart <farwesterica@...> wrote:
      > Greetings!
      > My brother and I have both tested through FamilyFinder, he has
      > had the MTDNAplus (and I've signed up for it), and we also both
      > tested through the National Geographic program.
      > We are C1c, and FTDNA has, through FamilyFinder, identified
      > us both about 13% Native American (Central American) Maya.
      > (The balance is our European (Western European) French
      > heritage.)
      > We have very limited information on our Native American
      > heritage, and I've posted a Gedcom to each account. Our
      > Grandmother's death certificate identifies her birthplace as
      > Jerez de Garcia Salinas, Zacatecas in 1883, parents Luis
      > Gonzales and Dora Acevedo. Grandmother gave her middle
      > name as "Theodora" on her Social Security Application so I'm
      > guessing that was her mother's full name.
      > Our grandfather was Benancio Lopez, born in Jalisco of
      > Benancio Lopez and Guadalupe Gomez, of Jalisco. There
      > are no direct yDNA descendents of his to test.
      > Our grandmother arrived in the US in 1900, or 1910, or 1920,
      > depending on whether you go by various censuses or by her
      > children's birth certificates. My oldest aunt was born in Mexico
      > in 1900, the second oldest in Pasadena in 1902.
      > This is the total of all we know. My brother matches Gary
      > Felix, I don't. We have one other match named Perez, also
      > from Zacatecas, but no known connection with her. I've
      > decided everyone who is a Family Finder match is my cousin,
      > especially if you come from Zacatecas or Jalisco.
      > Carmelita Stewart
    • E Stewart
      On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 10:31 PM, garyf@pacbell.net wrote: Hi Gary, Thanks for the historical information. Before they came over the Bering
      Message 2 of 3 , Jul 3, 2013

        On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 10:31 PM, garyf@... <garyf@...> wrote:

        Hi Gary,
        Thanks for the historical information.  Before they came over the Bering Strait
        to the Americas, Haplogroup C spent some time in the Altai Mountains.  Some
        of them went south from there, and as Haplo C4, were discovered as the
        "Caucasian Mummies Unearthed in the Chinese Desert" in the Tarim Basin.
        Just another little bit of our rich ancestry!


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