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958mexico-india dna

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  • Ismael Carbajal
    Jan 24, 2014
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      I noticed the emails being sent recently regarding India and members Y-DNA results.

      I have heard that quite a few Indians, as from India, managed to find their way to Mexico via trading with Spain and Portugal.

      I saw a special on a KPBS history show many years back on this topic. There is historical documention regrading some of this forgotten Mexican history.

      It seems possible also because Mexico was the Crown Jewel of the Spanish Empire, a lot of trading came thru Mexican ports

      I know history tells us,  many Filipinos also landed in Mexico and even Spain, due to the trading routes.

      One historian had a theory that many "Indians" were bought to Mexico also by slavery, since the number of native americans drop due to illness and war. Portuguese were well known for slave trading, and they had connections to their Iberian brothers.

      Remember,  just now many Mexicans are finding out they have African lineages, Mass african slave graves were found in the Yucatan.

      So its possible "Indians" were being taken to Mexico, and some Mexicans are testing in their haplogroups. I guess only more DNA results will tell?

      It's a small world


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