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937Re: [MexicoDNAProject] Updated DNA results

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  • mnavarrovillalobos
    Jan 20, 2014
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      I would recommend reanalyzing the FTDNA Family Finder results with the "globe13" calculator form the DIYDodecad program:


      I think you may get a better matching between the samples of your wife and mother-in-law.


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      Can some one tell me when FTDNA plans to update their Fact Finder and Population Finder tests?  I recently had both my wife and my mother in law tested by FTDNA and both of them came out with different population results, although they both are each others closest relative with 3600 cms.  So this in itself rules out that their vials were mixed up.  The big admixture discrepancy that has me scratching my head is that my wife (Mexican) shows 49.99 Western European, 20% Middle East, 30% Native American with no Russian admixture and my mother in law shows 60% Eastern European (Russian), 16.89% Middle East and 23.48% Native American? One would think if this is correct my spouse would at least show some Russian admixture.  I have come to understand that each parent contributes 50% , and that this 50% recombines unequally each time at conception.  However, these percentages tell me that FTDNA's data base or test appears to be either confused, antiquated and  needs to be updated........ Help anyone!!!

      Jaime Hernandez 

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      My Family Tree Y-DNA test indicates my haplogroup as Q-M242. New 23andMe analysis indicates I am Q1a3*.  Can someone describe a comparison between the two and what the asterisk means?
      Gregory Pisaño
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