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916Re: [MexicoDNAProject] Re: Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for present-day Europe

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    Jan 3, 2014
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      The main problem is the population in the gene pool. How many individuals are proven to be "Cherokee" in the gene pool, population. No chain of custody to prove who had there DNA extracted and what is the lab protocol after receiving the DNA sample through the total process to the final report.

      Lastly, what is the error rate by the lab? How many false positives or incorrect finding are made?
      What third party has certified the lab for credentialing. Is the lab and staff certified and do the they have a license to practice?

      I think there is a statement by FTDNA on the population referenced as mostly South American, acquired general information, but no current tribal, 2000, federal or state tribes.

      I am working on a project with Troy University, where I had played football in 1963. see copied.

      I have a Skype conference with Dr. Eske Willerslve for some time this month on doing research to coordinate with the male child found in Mal'ta.

      I presently did not think any lab findings that did not employ a chain of custody will be valuable in objective research. There is no objective proof who had the DNA extracted and the chain of custody from start to finished product is valid.

      We are seeking from a general population to a specific outcome, inductive to deductive reasoning.

      Apple, oranges, grapes etc. if we mix them we get fruit drink. I do we know which one is apple or orange? How do we know who is Apache, Creek, Cherokee or even Indian or non-Indian NOW not 24000 years ago?

      It is getting late I have my daily route to run on Friday. I will get back with you later this evening.

      Check with Donald N. Yates, he is an enrolled Echota Cherokee member as well. He has a website. Cherokee Consultant DNA or call him at 1-888-806-2588. Don can answer your questions. He did my DNA and I am probably Native American based on no H haplotypes without Old World exact matches and only instanced in the New World could just as well be considered Native American. 


      Dr. Harris—Happy New Year! I will  begin work on this immediately and have someone call you either Monday or Tuesday. What is a good time to call you?
      Regards, Tom
      Tom Davis, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
      334-670-3981 (office)
      334-268-9981 (cell)
      From: JOEL SR [mailto:hrjoel3@...]
      Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2014 5:28 PM
      To: tomdavis@...
      Subject: Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama
      I regret that Troy did not qualify for a bowl game.
      I bet you have a full plate for the coming year.
      During our luncheon Chancellor Hawkins discussed the creation and implementation of the Confucius Institute. 
      Would it be possible that I might communicate with the Individual who Chancellor Hawkins worked with to create the Confucius Institute.
      The DNA research experience has noted the ancestral ties to Asia for Native Americans.
      In my retired leisurely academic pursuits I think we, Chinese Confucius Institute and Native American, may have some mutual interest.
      Do you have someone on campus with the Confucius Institute?

      Joel K. Harris, Sr., Ph.D.
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      Sent: Friday, January 3, 2014 2:24 AM
      Subject: Re: [MexicoDNAProject] Re: Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for present-day Europe
      Joel, do you know of the Cherokee DNA Project at Family Tree DNA?  They do not use Family Finder, justYDNA and MtDNA on direct lines to a documented Cherokee ancestor....  www.familytreedna.com/public/CherokeeDNAProject/default.aspx   project manager can be reached at
      CherokeeDNA@...  I am not quite sure what they are doing or why!
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