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911Re: [MexicoDNAProject] Re: Ancient human genomes suggest three ancestral populations for present-day Europe

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  • earthchild_marie
    Dec 31, 2013
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      Joel, the problem with DNA testing for the Cherokees is that there ARE NO MORE CHEROKEES.

      The Oklahoma tribe is practically totally white bloodlines, there are no fullbloods, they have all married out.

      The Eastern tribe I know less about, altho they are my ancestors.  The Cherokees as a people, from what I have learned by discussion and reading, do not trust the US government at all, although they are very dependant on the government for almost everything.  I do not blame them; the first census in 1835 was used by the states to round the Indians up, even then they were mostly only 1/4 actually blood Indian, having interbred with the whites since the 1600's.  Consequently, finding DNA of the Cherokees is a very iffy proposition, and it is not at all the same as testing an infant to prove who the child's parents are.  The DNA tests as presently given by FTDNA and 23&Me [Family Finder and Autosomal] will tell if there is Native American in the DNA, but it cannot tell the tribe because the tribes have not been tested.  Yes, a few tribes have done it, but not the Cherokees.  If someone tests at the above companies and then submits their raw DNA results to Gedmatch, they will get a printout which shows which chromosome carries the Native American genes.  Mine are on chromosome 15 and 22.  The raw data can also be submitted elsewhere, such as Dr. McDougal or others, for an analysis.  I got more information from Dr. McDougal than from Gedmatch, but both were worth doing--and free--because Gedmatch connects you with DNA cousins.  And Gedmatch is better in that than either FTDNA's family finder or the relative finder at 23&Me.   

         I hope this answers some of your questions--it is all an individual search unless someone can talk several hundred of the Eastern tribe into doing their autosomal test at 23&Me.  That might be possible if the tribe got a government grant to pay for it; motivation would be another matter however!  There is currently no real motivation to do DNA testing except for genealogy, and the federal tribal members do not need their genealogy because they all have it back to 1835....

          My genealogy paper trail goes back to England in the 1500's, but the Carter men of VA/SC/NC/TN had a habit of marrying part-Cherokee women, since there were more white men than white women, and it is the genealogy of the Cherokees which I am trying to find.  I have more information than any of the cousins which the DNA companies have connected me with....

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